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The temptress weaves her silhouette from the pre-dawn haze

March 02, 2018
Aerith - Aerith

The soft and pensive passages of the acoustic guitar in The Wanderer instrumental album's intro are enveloped in a romantic fog, drawing into the invisible expanses of illusory fantasies. But Beyond Terminus immediately lifts the extravaganza of melodism, swept away in a whirlwind of impetuous race to the musical splendor of the Aerith - Aerith album. In the bridges, the singing lady is adding sparkling paleostuffs with a sensual tenderness to the composition structure.
Unhurried meditations in the pre-dawn fog envelop a soft, hen the vocals give the command "Go!" so Fractured Soul begins its wanderings, in a verse carried away on the bright wings of a melodic drive, in choruses returning to the style of the introduction, indulging in doubts and reflections on the philosophical mysteries that complete the alternation of male and female vocals. The final part is preceded by acoustic meditations in a pensive instrumental dreaming.
Temptress leitmotif is a gentle dreamy melody, around which swirls tight and vicious whirlwinds of powerful drive, enveloping melodious one with their dark care, hiding dreamy melodism beneath a powerful armor of furious drive. In a similar mood and style sounds The Uprising song, only this time power and fury are combined in a powerful and indestructible foundation, combining in monolithic support of bright melodic triumph and vocal reflections. A marvelous and charming ballad, enveloped in the charm of keyboard passages, completes the composition.
A Cosmic Calling composition closes the album, combining romanticism with the enchanting main motive and shades of modern changes of this musical style. In the vocals on the front edge comes out screaming, growling supplements phrases with some shades.