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The assertion of superiority is eternal and infinite

March 01, 2018
Game Over - Claiming Supremacy

The mysterious mystery of instrumental romance Onward To Blackness begins to be intriguing, it is difficult to predict the subsequent musical changes in the intriguing romantic epic - so unexpected is the melodic artistry for this genre. But the completion of the composition, smoothly turning into the Two Steps In The Shadows introduction already reveals the power and severity of this style, starting the Game Over - Claiming Supremacy album with an impetuous race of violent drive, thundering and lightening all over the chosen path.
Power and anger envelop the gusts of impetuous motives, fidgeting caution belligerent mood, the Last Before The End introduction of the vocal translates the rhythm into an average tempo, but the choir of adherents and supporters anticipates an uncontrollable impetuous spurt. Then the stream of gloomy drive follows the next act of reflection. A bright and exciting instrumental solo is preparing for the song's completion.
After a solo bass guitar, a complex, changeable and unpredictable ragged rhythm in My Private Nightmare verse is combined with a violent frenetic chorus anticipating a guitar solo full of dark romance.
An inspired epic tune enveloped by invisible spirits begins Blessed Are The Heretics with a proud and meaningful march, evolving into a twitchy mid-tempo tale, then carried away in a gusty race to unknown temptations. Chops and changes and indescribable variety of instrumental passages are combined with a changeable vocal variety in this diverse song.
The mysterious romantic motive creates illusory limits of composition at the beginning and at the end, enveloping in mysterious haze the development of musical motifs in verses, raising and accentuating the song's name Eleven in each line of the chorus.
The obscure fog, in which the sparkling shadow of the guitar solo is hanging, restrains 1 in the mid-tempo narrative, vocal phrases envelop the invisible spirits, suggesting and refining the aspiration and direction - how to pass the Broken Trails to the end.
Delicate and sensual guitar fingering begins the instrumental saga Shattered Souls with acoustic passages, then the power and significance manifests its essence, retreating again, keeping a soft and romantic lyrics on the musical forefront.
Bass guitars solo starts Lysander song, in a dark drive hiding vocal revelations, enveloping them with an exciting whirlwind of melodic motives, anticipating a fast-paced musical race, bright bridges and exciting guitar parts accentuating the title in the chorus.
Show Me What You GotPower and energy, gathering in a tough and harsh entry pierced by a bright guitar solo showing an element of the main motive completes the album with a stream of unrestrained drive, as if thrusting into slam and mosh closer to the stage.