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The supernova will explode soon. What will be its light?

November 26, 2017
Dagoba - Black Nova

The mysterious rustle, the shamans writing out their ritual rhythms for the tambourines, are added to the Tenebra introduction, beginning the Dagoba - Black Nova album with the mystery of mystical rites, ending with symphonic orchestral inserts.
Electronic impulses emerges in the Inner Sun keyboards passages, flickering with electronic pulses in the fog of dense guitar riffs, which are complemented by the gloomy dense vocals growling. Then dreamy phrases of pure vocals somehow scatter this dreadful twilight, but it returns again.
The wolves' howl, then a powerful furious drive and emotional vocal phrases rush into the The Legacy of Ares as the uncontrollable stream of an unrelenting musical whirlwind.
As if the church in the Stone Ocean introduction is enveloped by a whirlwind of dark demons, keyboards motifs offers prayer to the Almighty, pure vocal raises a request for God's help. But the demons will not rest until they achieve their goals.
Proudly rolling waves of the drive sparkle with keyboards notes, then the furious vocal phrases in The Infinite Chase combines with mysterious instrumental musical ideas.
The black shroud of the dark march The Grand Emptiness rolls along the waves of impenetrable drive, supplemented by the curving delights of classical instrumental motifs.
Clean vocals blows over the clouds into the expanses of Lost Gravity radiant dreams, but music keeps flying in invisible inspiration, braiding from below with fetters and shakles.
Furious power, enveloped in coils of classical melodies and gloomy mystical keyboards impulses creates a musical basis for harsh and tough Fire Dies vocal phrases. The Phoenix & Corvus beginning resembles the previous composition, the dark ghosts move uneventfully along their path, confident of their invulnerability - the grumpy growling vocals and music accompany them in this. In the chorus, clean vocal gives hope and inspiration, giving the end of the song a bright stream of inspiration, embodying it in a bright and sublime guitar solo and its sparkling phrases. Once again, a gloomy and eerie Vantablack beginning in a mystical whirlwind sweeps waves of eerie haze, enveloping demonic screaming phrases with a gloomy fog. But in the chorus pure vocal dissipates this darkness and horror, giving inspiration to the struggle of the forces of light against the creatures of evil. The album is finalized by the original and raw versions of the tracks that started it - Inner Sun (Demo), The Legacy of Ares (Demo).