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Glory will perpetuate even in gloss

November 27, 2017
Subway To Sally - Gloria & Glanz

The Subway To Sally - Gloria & Glanz album begins with the recreation of the atmosphere of live performances, bringing the energy of the audience and the atmosphere of unforgettable concerts.
A soft acoustic introduction and a thoughtful vocal part envelops with the veil of incredible romanticism. But the vocals sweep emotions to a new level, creating a mystical atmosphere, Schwarze Seide - NEON music accompanies this mysterious improvisation. But again, calmness returns, then again undergo an explosion of feelings and emotions. A storm of applause and exclamations of an enlightened public welcomes the completion of the composition. Industrial motives are entwined with folklore melodies, creating an unforgettable image of the village of the future Henkersbraut - NEON, where electronic pulses and flashes of LEDs are supplemented by the rustle of grass and the wind dancing in the crowns of trees. In the course of the composition, the audience gives the band some of their energy, getting it back in the form of a stream of vivid, original music.
The audience greets the soft, fascinating Mitgift - NEON melody with a standing ovation, flute, bagpipe, guitar and vocal thoughts swirling into a single musical image. After telling a part of the story, the music gets hardened, preserving, however, the canvas of the main motive, which was already put into the introduction. In addition, this same interesting combination of post-industrial electronic squeaks and medieval folklore motifs is present in this song.
Concluding the live concert part, Verloren - NEON appears at the begining as a story of a brooding bard singing about his wanderings. Then his legend acquires new and new shades, singing along with companions and tender violin parts.
Well - the album is divided into two parts: studio versions of the same songs. Although, rather, the compositions with the same names - the sound of the second part is more severe and severe, gives more electronic and modern musical tastes. Medieval melody Schwarze Seide, which gathers knights in a hike turns into a powerful industrial drive. Then the vocal muffled reflections about the coming battles - and a wave of drive raises it to the control of a huge combat robot. Much more than Henkersbraut live performance, pierced by the impulses of industrial mechanisms, the vocals are surrounded by severe lifeless passages. The spirits of the ancient mythical fairies infects the electronic machines, singing a hymn to their mentors, scientist, manager of the system is connected to this honoring, enchanting orchestral musical passages recoiling glittering cocoon around this musical extravaganza.
The composition Verloren completing the album, in fact is a studio reflection of the live performance of a bard, wise with innumerable wanderings. Perhaps these two compositions are much more similar than the others.