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The sun rises in the east

November 17, 2020
Eastern Sea - The Eastern Sea

The Night begins the Eastern Sea - The Eastern Sea album's musical narration with the enchanting tenderness of a romantic ballad. The pulsating drum rolls anticipate the charm of The Menu acoustic guitar solo and dreamy vocal phrases. The Floor focuses on vocal experiences, complementing the vocals with acoustic guitar chimes and distant winds.
The solo of the acoustic guitar sets the direction for the development of the main motive, in the vocal part of The Snow romantic ballad, male and female vocals are combined in a charming duet dance. Musical passages ends with the This Is Holborn vocals phrases, creating an atmosphere of emotional inspiration. Dancing musical variations combine with the inspiration of The Mountain vocals storytelling, lending an artistic dreaminess to the chime of guitar strings.
The Sea composition, which can be considered the title track, alternates vocal phrases in the foreground of the sound, combining the dominant male vocals and the background female vocals with the guitar solos of the instrumental bridges. Whipping up the twilight waves of a mysterious drive The Name preserves the properties of the previous composition in the vocal part. The brooding and incredibly tender ballad Your House puts the final point on the music release.