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Another section of an exciting fairy tale

November 17, 2020
Wytch Hazel - III: Pentacost

Bright guitar riffs take the He is the Fight vocals to the top of the listener's attention, captivating with musical harmony. Continuing the musical motifs of the previous track the Spirit and Fire gives them a more rhythmic essence and transforming the vocal emotions of the next composition of the Wytch Hazel - III: Pentacost album with notes of doubt and raising the banners of an epic ballad in the chorus.
Slightly hardening the sound of the music and giving it a touch of drive, the I Am Redeemed preserves the melody and envelops the vocal part with the covers of a keyboard symphony in the chorus, complementing the instrumental fragments with epic guitar and keyboards solos. The Archangel song's music and vocals intertwine in the dance of the epic saga, combined in a lace symphony of musical grandeur. The Dry Bones music envelops vocal phrases in impressive covers of a fairy tale, rolling in waves of a mid-tempo march.
The instrumental symphony Sonata envelops with mystical echoes of its former greatness, as if transferring to the era of magic and valiant knights. The I Will Not song develops the motives of the previous symphony, accelerating them and giving them notes of pulsating drive. The motives of the funeral march conclude with a keyboard solo, then blend in a gloomy parade of the Reap the Harvest track's dark sorrow, combining music and vocals in the twilight of a sad ballad. The Crown complements the minstrel chime of acoustic guitar strings with the inspired grandeur of vocal phrases. Continuing the medieval theme, the lady's vocal monologue begins the Ancient of Days track to the chime of an acoustic guitar, then retaining the epic essence of the medieval theme, the bardic saga is complemented by the power of the final song's electric guitars.