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The season of grief comes unhurried but inevitable

May 25, 2018
Horrorgraphy - Season Of Grief

The dark mist combines many hidden and obscure motifs, creeping into certain limits of perception with hidden playfulness, as if demons dance in a protracted Horrorgraphy - Season Of Grief demonic opera. This conceptual saga starts with questions asked In A Dark Time by so pensive lady, pondering in vague doubts about possible options for the future horrors. In instrumental bridges, soft and gentle melodies are enchanted, then a frightened lady calls out to the answer of a confident guard, sometimes supplementing her assurances with a symphonic charm.
The piano begins Ghosts with insinuating motifs resembling a funeral march, then enveloping them in a fog of symphonic instrumental frills, promoting this enchanting musical image in the gloomy haze. Hiding from the demoniacal undead in the ancient church, female and male vocals are intertwined in a marvelous Hauted romance, alternating their phrases, weaving them with marvelous glimpses of dark temptation, leaving amid an atmosphere of unfulfilled sadness that from time to time manifests itself in explosions of creaky screaming.
But the heifers of hell did not recede, they just passed their legions - exploding with a wave of malicious power in the The March Of The Dead intro, then rolling up with a leisurely fog of thoughtful melody, but carrying away the stream of dark drive with the introduction of vocals, swiftly carrying their hordes on the ghostly wings of unbridled demons to whom witches sing farewell songs with a touch of oriental folklore.
Carrying an intriguing tune to illusory dreams, supplementing the Hounds Of Hell tales with the melody of a mysterious fairy, anticipating and supplementing pure male vocal, the main motive remains on the background, seasoned with spicy dope, showing itself to the fullest in instrumental bridges. Vocals are hardened, keeping significance and importance.
Beginning with mild, majestic symphonic motifs, enveloped in the enchanting melodies of female vocals, Her Violin Sings at Night then continues with the confession of a thoughtful lady, who is contemplating in her moonlight about her musical experiences. These reflections are broken by a dark wave of violent drive, hardened by vocals and instrumental fury, then supplementing these swift waves with phrases of male opera vocal. In the final part of the symphony from the introduction comes back, weaving male and female clean vocals in duet.
Twisted in a ghostly dance, lacing its incorporeal pas by keyboard and orchestral passages, Join Me In Suicide continues the musical haze of throwing melodious keyboards shawls into a powerful concentrated drive, concentrating in thoughtfulness in instrumental bridges, preparing the foundation for further dense fractures.
The title track Season Of Grief sums up the album, completing it with a majestic symphony that embodied all the searches for the album, rending stylistic nuances and variants of musical variations, looking for more and more variations in previously unknown musical discoveries.
The album ends with a tribute to the legends of this musical style The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah (Therion Cover), crowning the album with sparkling jewels of majestic symphonism.