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Valiant warlord - specify the enemy

May 26, 2018
Blood of the Wolf - II: Campaign of Extermination

The thunderbolt and the heavy rain noise are interrupted by the violent frenzy of Thunder the Drums of War instrumental drive, then calling forth the corresponding vocal reflections of the battle cries, starting the Blood of the Wolf - II: Campaign of Extermination album with an unrestrained stream of fighting spirit.
Violent vortexes of battle rage plunge into the abyss of title track Campaign of Extermination battles, enveloping the harsh vocal phrases with the unrestrained vortex of a powerful and unyielding drive.
The introduction marches majestically in the viscous procession of the solemn melody, the vocal pensively meditates on glorifying valor, then invoking the dark guardians for protection and holding the Beneditio Ultionis: Their Blood for my Glory main motive in a confident procession.
Swaying the rampant streams of power and energy, whirlwinds of furious drive are carried away in Erupting Volcanic Wrath rapid passages, unseen sacraments being woven in instrumental bridges. The next composition The Sword is my Light and my Salvation continues this style, but the power and energy are complemented by majestic passages that inspires by so mysterious grandeur.
A confident Scorched Earth Ceremony march is tight and clearly approaching, the vocals cause a dark wave of dense drive anticipating a rapid flow of fury and power, discarding any doubts about the correct direction of the dark stream.
Increasing the pace of With Fire and a Thousand Flashing Blades impetuous passages, the vocal tries to curb the musical beast, but rushes after him in unrestrained zeal.
Starting the composition as the epic ballad, evolving in the marvelous ornament of ancient legends A Sermon of Slaughtered Foes continues as dense confident march, rolling in tough wave of a viscous motive, preceded by rapid passages, carrying away the end of the album on the wings of the motives incorporated into the introduction.