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No one expected to see him among the living

May 25, 2018
No one expected to see him among the living

The noise of the burning bonfire, the approaching bad weather and the tender melody give the anticipation of the coming adventures, manifested in the bright streams of uncontrollable drive, swishing guitar passages on the basis of the rhythm section laid out by the rhythm, singing the vocal phrases of screaming and growling into the throbbing mystery of the enchanting Within The Dead Horizon composition that opens the Inferi - Revenant album gates.
The mysterious melody of the Condemned Assailant introduction weaves ancient legends in an obscure fog, meditating them thoughtfully into a progressive musical lace reflecting cosmic currents and ancient legends. Vocals while entering complements complex and intricate musical passages - then carried away in the fast streams of the drive with scrambling, complemented by the growling, then circling in a brooding dance under the flickering notes of the keyboard frills.
Symphonic motives envelops A Beckoning Thrall intro with the atmosphere of dark romance, adding more and more mysterious shades into the musical image, introducing romantic meditations with charming guitar solos. In the vocal part, at first screaming and crawling come together, then the dominant position is played by a growling wrapped in bursts of emotional screamming on the progressive musical background.
After a brief note, the vocal screaming calls for an unrestrained drive, returning again after guitar improvisation in a swift stream of violent musical delights, from time to time again turning to melodious passages. In the Through The Depths instrumental part, the guitar so progressively enchants with its solo, that it's pointless to describe - listening will bring great impressions. The wise melodic enchants completing the composition, anticipating the bardic narrative into the next.
After an acoustic guitars fingering break of the majestic bardic poem, the Enraged And Drowning Sullen composition of the symphony arrives in the composition, supplementing the enigmatic influence of opera and classical music, from which bursts a rapid stream of drive enveloped in glittering keyboard passages and enchanting the preservation of classical motifs in its mysterious narrative.
Acoustic guitar breaks in the Thy Menacing Gaze introduction creats so epic atmosphere, weaving the ghosts of ancient legends in melodic lace, entangling mysterious riddles with the further development of the composition in the impetuous drive, which retains enchanting melody and fascinating thoughts with bright flashes of majestic inspiration. Especially it is necessary to note delightful guitar delights in instrumental bridges, raising a composition to the level of unprecedented melody.
Thoughtful guitar and keyboard passages wander in a charming symphonic atmosphere, adorning their thoughts with a cello in a single musical lace, but after a pensive pause from the oncoming danger, a wave of powerful drive pushes vocal and instrumental power back to the majestic symphony in instrumental bridges, pushing it back to the background when vocal passages come to the fore of the Malevolent Sanction composition.
Rising from the depths of life, furious and unrestrained energy captures with bright and spectacular melodies, progressively and stunningly combining them in such a spectacular, grandiose and majestic Smolder In The Ash composition, combining energetic drive and symphonic melodies in a single musical masterpiece!
Mysterious ghostly knights rise from the shadows, marching to so inconceivable goal, then sweeping away in a rushing Behold The Bearer Of Light procession, circling vague combinations of progressive music and symphonic ideas in melodic images, completing the album in anticipation of the next albums of this group that will continue the development of such an exciting musical extravaganza.