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The realm of a lost time

June 22, 2021
Ternheim, Anna, 2019 -  A Space For Lost Time

Vocal meditation with leisurely musical passages start musical narration, emphasizing the name of the This Is The One composition again and again. The You Belong With Me continues the vocal domination to the sound of the Anna Ternheim - A Space For Lost Time album, but more rhythmically and accently supporting vocal phrases with musical accents.
Romantic shades of the French chanson give the sound of the Everytime We Fall song sensual atmosphere. The When You Were Mine ballad highlights sensual experiences of a singing lady and doubt in romantic thoughts and emotional branches. The Remember This continues such a style, complementing sensual vocal experiences with a soft chime acoustic guitar.
Mind meditation of the Lost Times composition, which is safe and confidently can be considered the album's title. Soft guitar fingering of an acoustic guitar creates a musical background for inspirational vocal phrases, weaved the Stars song's musical lace.
The musical atmosphere envelops tha Walk Your Own Way vocals phrases with romantic seals of hidden tenderness. The All Because Of You music and vocals are fascinated on a journey through the haze of memories, rearing life stages and feeling experienced emotions. The Oh Mary completes the album with frank confessions and appeal to take a look at the world around attentive.