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Dark prophecies and dark tales

June 25, 2021
Alustrium, 2021 -  A Monument to Silence

The muffled solo piano begins the intro of the This Hollow Ache composition, continuing with the symphonic keyboards charm, then developing the motifs embedded in it into a solemn anthem of a powerful drive crowned with sparkling melodic research. The Join the Dead continues the Alustrium - A Monument to Silence album by the exciting melodic essence supported by the variable vocal phrases.
In the Hunted intro's guitar solo, progressive lace of broken rhythmics dance, further developing this dance together with vocal severity. The Accuser track begins romantic ballad, gently picking up guitar passages, then a twilight musical entity giving twilight mystery by the background screaming vocals encryption. The Plea carries in incredible manifold, alternating screaming and groting in the vocal party of rapid fragments, complementing their muted thoughts of pure vocals in romantic mystery. The Dreamless Sleep instrumental composition summarizes dreamy thoughts.
Persistently and militant adheated by militant sounds of introm, the Blood for Blood song creates an atmosphere of epic saga, slowing the pace with the entry of vocals to the battle march. Accelerating the musical flight to the rapid vortex, the Worthless Offers is unrestrained to get to the chosen goal. The twilight mystery of the Deliverance for the Damned forgotten fairy tale wraps the vocal phrases of the storyteller with the covers of melodic charm and fascinating romanticism. A Monument to Silence title track completes this release very much of diversified epic saga, incarnating incredible many stylistic branches and shades.