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The power and anger are already implemented and waiting

January 16, 2017
Wyld - Wyld

Necessary to gain the glory and pride, have to be listened Wyld - Wyld to do that at all!
The viscous, rich sound envelops Stoned vocal phrases with vortices of guitar riffs, driving narrator in tunnels of clear and rhythmic motifs.
An intriguing mysterious intro prepares forces and stores energy for rapid stunning breakthrough in the verse, distorted vocals nervously and furiously adds drive and energy for the entire composition as well.
Dreamy manner exalts to the clouds, average pace is clearly confident and rhythmically insistent story of Heads or Tails.
Powerful significant riffs are investing its influence and fury in the persistence in sound of Just Another Lie, that keeps it in the realm of furious rage.
Romance shackled brittle rusty shackles, poetry and heroism are covered with the dust of centuries, but The Last Man Standing will stand still, without leaving his position forever and ever.
But the melodic romance achieves primary role, enveloping with sensual exciting motif of Bring Me the Night our mind and emotions.
Almost title track Wyld n' Loud returns to the drive and tough sound, vocal breaks away from the sensual lethargy to violent rupture!
Hyperion thickens the shades of soundcanvas, bringing a rapid pace in the sacrifice of perseverance and hard dense toughness.
But fastness and velocity are trying to regain their lost in The Fugitive, but the highpower and tough strength are not willing to get lost without acquired statements. This competition passes through the entire composition.
Mysterious and enigmatic powerful riffs complement Ritual bells, which recreates the atmosphere of the ritual sacraments. Album concludes its story with this multi-valued symbol.