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Wind brings to the east, in the realm of sand

January 13, 2017
Myriad Lights - Kingdom Of Sand

Take a step, clutching ghostly hand in the Myriad Lights - Kingdom Of Sand , then find yourself in a fabulous open spaces!
Pathetic anthem Desert Nights, pierced with spirits and tones of the desert and oriental motifs inspires to listen to all that further.
Title track Kingdom Of Sand as living being recreates the atmosphere of surrounding the heat, causing its breathing with vocal phrases.
Cheerful cheerful dancing Abyssal March recreates the atmosphere of doubt, insecurity, and questions to himself.
Guitar fingering creates intro of The Deep composition, recreating and pointing to the main theme, which keyboards will carry through all the threads patterns in the glorious manner.
Glorious grand style continues to play through The Grave Chant, carrying the banner of pride and valor.
Mysterious instrumental introduction 039 Lights intriguing before listening of the wonderfull brilliant ballad Mirror, that sounds like iridescent shimmer of rough jewels.
The Waves brings folklore motifs, though the bard guitar travels in time, sweeping the waves of diffused light.
After gentle and melodic ballads Deathbringer rushing in gust of fury and anger, sweeping resistance on the way, filled with rage and hatred.
The power and aggression are woven together in the saga of Ascension sounding like a dark symphony. Combining vocal sound with distant echoes of darkness and fury of making their influence in peculiar melody.