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Mist of clouds prevents to clear the sky from them

January 18, 2017
Dark Tranquillity - Atoma (Japan Edition)

Combining the fury and power with gentle melodies of Dark Tranquillity - Atoma (Japan Edition) [CD 1] indicates that even severe vikings have feelings and emotions.
Furious whirlwind of melodic motifs rises from the Encircled music, circling around the main motive then thicken shades of image, the saturation of melody requires a short rest - and once again breaks free in rushing flight.
Title track Atoma combines brightness of the emotional clean vocals with furiously embittered growl. This exciting contrast competition complements the beautiful melody, as leitmotif with fluttering banner bearing through the disputes and quarrels.
Variety slowing progress of Forward Momentum, bringing the melody higher and higher, subordinating thought dreamy lyrical mood and inspiration.
Quietly, stealthily main motive of Neutrality increasing its influence, exacerbating its power and enslaving all around its breathtaking melodic sound.
Confidently, persistently and dreamy verse of Force Of Hand progresses, intriguing its swirling vortices, changing tempo - to the emotional experiences and saturated chorus. Then, gentle and delicate keyboard passage begins and develops an instrumental part, which will serve as a respite and prepare for the final monologue and completion.
Misty melody carries lyrical romance in unexpected ghostly tones, filling the space around the riddles and surprises for all of those who Faithless By Default.
Wrath of The Pitiless - rage and anger are pulled out in a fit of rage, surrounding space around bunches of dark energy and sparks of fury.
Our Proof Of Life interspersing parties of pensive clean vocals with flashes of rage and explosions of embittered growl power passes as chalenge between all around. Then, growling aggressively brings itself at the forefront, saturating sound image with the might of its wrath.
Clearing Skies combines lyrical melody, encased in armor sonorous and viscous riffs, drawing a contrast comparable, but combined in a single entity.
Quickly and dramatically begins When The World Screams, continuing to carry destruction and rage in a rhythmic manner. But the banner of the sublime main motif flies over the rest of detachment as wind of wonderful grandeur and unforgettable glory.
Wonderful mysterious ballad Merciless Fate carries a sign of light as a bright torch among the black mist and the dark fog, not allowing fiends of darkness to prevent procession of prophet of light.
An intriguing, diverse and enigmatic composition Caves And Embers completes the first part of the album with his unexpected variations that do not conceal melodic impulses, but only reinforces the impression from them.
This disc Dark Tranquillity - Atoma (Japan Edition) [CD 2] sounds as concentrated romance, that takes the form of a ghostly mist while enveloping consciousness with memories of bygone moments.
Clean vocals shares emotions and experiences of The Absolute, he entwined gentle lyrical melody that carries away the sadness and depression.
Time Out Of Place continues in the same sweet lyrical manner to dissipate the melancholy, sadness and grief.
Reconstruction Time Again restores past and not gone tunes, recalls their sound in my heart, causing the soul to find again once strings and experiences caused by their sounds.