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The one who knows - what is behind the mask

July 10, 2020
We Are Wolf - Masquerader (EP)

The title track starts the musical narration of the We Are Wolf - Masquerader (EP) release, combining different stylistic solutions and weaving screaming, growling and clean vocals in a lace vocal part.
The intriguing ambiguity of the intrigue's uplifts explodes with an artistic stream of fierce drive, entwined with an alternation of screaming and growling vocals. But then the growling is complemented by variations in tempo and rhythm, bringing a progressive charm to the sound of A Picture of Misery composition.
Weaving enchanting romanticism into the introduction Reclaiming the Origin then pulses with the heartbeat of a solemn anthem, further diversifying the tempo and style of musical narration, complementing it with recitative additions of clean vocals.
Stubbornly and confidently bringing vocal anger and rage to the forefront of musical narration, the Prime Time rolls in musical waves of severe power, preferring it to haste and haste, but then accelerating the rhythm along the edge of the mid-tempo sound.
But the Monumental Gloom song explodes as a whirlwind of impetuous drive, chasing musical passages to race with vocal phrases. But then the vocals call for leisurely reflections, then repeating the same alternation over and over again. A gentle romantic symphony soars with fierce drive, combining the unity of musical opposites in a single musical fusion in the Reunification final composition of the album