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Faceless monotony fetters mind and thoughts

July 11, 2020
Reverber - Sect of Faceless

The vocal scream invokes the unrestrained race of the Gods of Illusion musical thriller, then subordinates the direction of the sound of the main motive to the directions of the vocal part. The title track continues the musical narration of the Reverber - Sect of Faceless album, introducing spicy oriental influences with the guitar passages of the introduction, then enveloping the vocal part with a veil of musical passages that combine power, melody and artistry.
A mesmerizing guitar solo adorns the majestic significance of the intro, anticipating the pulsating battle march of the My Name is Destruction (Alboin the Conqueror) vocals intro, calling for an acceleration of the pace in a fast-paced drive, while retaining an exciting melody. The dense rhythm of the main motive carries the listener into the world of deadly enmity, crowning the musical narration with the significance of the vocal part, which again and again emphasizes the name of the Channel 666 song in the chorus. Grabbing attention with hit guitar passages Nightmareland intrigues before the introduction of vocals, combined with musical passages in a successful and complementary way.
The romantic sound of the Wood of Suicides ballad is then complemented by power and grandeur, pulsing with a solemn procession of sparkling banners and the fierceness of vocal emotions. Starting on the verge of high-speed drive and mid-tempo significance, the Black Plague then pushes the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, leading it into a rush of musical fury. Further, the intriguing mysteriousness of the introduction enchants with mystical anticipation, music continuing in the Arachnophobia and Vlad compositions as unity of the bewitching melody of instrumental fragments with the furious drive of verses and the significance of the choruses. After a sparkling whirlwind of guitar solo, the Angel Witch ( Angel Witch cover) concludes the album with inspirational melody with furious vocal charisma.