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The obvious way was lost in the past

July 08, 2018
Beneath Oblivion - The Wayward and the Lost

The dark motives of the The City, a Mausoleum (My Tomb) introduction are thoughtfully and unhurriedly embracing all around by the twilight covers, enveloping with the impenetrable haze. The Beneath Oblivion - The Wayward and the Lost album is carried away by painful meditations, the vocal sweeps sad experiences up to incredible heights, but in instrumental bridges the composition returns to the ghostly romanticism of the introduction. Covered with a mystical darkness, the smoke completes the composition, vocal phrases in some places - leading emotional screaming from the foreground, extolling deep growling.
Liar's Cross as if continuing the previous composition, starting with the uncontrollable experiences of harsh screaming, in the instrumental bridge bringing an incredible inspiration of epic romance, invoking majestic phrases of pure vocals, broadcasting in the background like the spirits of ancestors. The melody of the composition is more inclined towards a romantic ballad, inspired by enchanted instrumental sonatas, which set the leitmotif of the album.
Continuing to develop sensual and enchanting musical motives, rallied by the previous composition into the main musical idea of the album, title track The Wayward and the Lost takes thoughts into the idle limits, in which pure vocal leisurely muffled ruminates about possible ways of solving magical puzzles.
In the eerie, gloomy musical atmosphere pierced by glittering melodic sparkles, the Savior-Nemesis-Redeemer vocals intertwines a wondrous combination of phrases of screaming and growling, supplementing the music with enchanting mystery and mysterious unpredictable mystery.
The Satyr composition closes the album, but does not dissipate the mysterious haze, obscures the true guises and undeniable truth in a gloomy mist; on the contrary, it envelops the perception of even more mysterious dusk, asking more and more puzzles and anticipating warnings.