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Squire - quickly clean the armor!

July 09, 2018
Exmortus - The Sound Of Steel (Japan Edition)

Power and melody intertwine in a single dance, combining a variety of genres - even your humble servant can not figure out where to put the first composition Make Haste of the Exmortus - The Sound Of Steel (Japan Edition) album. The pulsating Feast Of Flesh sound calls on thoughts and aspirations to the origins of the genre - although it retains an exciting sound. Again and again the chorus accentuates the name of the composition!
Partly continuing the stylistics of the sound Into The Maw Of Hell dances from side to side, then rushing into a delightful race for melodic delights. Classics and traditions of rock are woven together with epic passages, calling to follow their enchanting drive a lot of fans, combining many different musical styles in the To The Ends Of The Earth song.
The controversial issue of the best composition of the album A Minor Instrumental rises to the top - there's nothing to add, but listen necessarily! I really liked this song!
The dark fog envelops with vague omens, then the music is carried away in an impetuous impulse of zeal for freedom, ending with a dense mid-tempo march combining severe harsh and nervous screaming in the Strength And Honor vocals. The Turn The Tide main motive comes to the forefront of the musical composition, weaving music and vocals in epic lace - there is no point in describing, we must listen to it more and more! Introducing melodic classical music Tempest delivers and compacts the sound of a hard and tight drive. Severely and tightly Riders Of Doom pours waves of sound, which does not leave indifferent to your humble servant - where is my two-handed axe ?! The main motive encompasses the enchanting dense sound but ... where's my nattle axe, argh! Victory Or Death! partly continues the previous composition, bringing the vocals to the forefront of sound.
Returning to the traditions of rocknroll, the S.A.T.O. (Bonus) (Ozzy Osborn cover)vocals recalls the origins . Well, this completes the album ... I'll listen it again and again!