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The norns will show the right path not to everyone, only to the chosen heroes

September 14, 2019
Vagrant (DEU) - The Rise Of Norn

The noise of the surf and the soft charm of The Whispering Sea keyboard solo is wrapped in an enchanting atmosphere of soft musical premonitions, starting the Vagrant (DEU) - The Rise Of Norn album with a brooding instrumental saga symphony.
But the majestic waves of restrained drive, shrouded in swirls of enchanting melodics continue the album with waves of fairy tale influences, energetically and inspiringly raising the banner of the Blinded By Destiny ancient legends. In instrumental bridges, the acoustic chime of guitar strings and the charming symphony of keyboards precede the mesmerizing sound of choruses. Deceptive Similarity immediately explodes in a rampant stream of furious drive, shrouded in, however, bewitching shades of symphonic influences. The introduction of vocals slows down the rapid race of musical passages, appealing to the bewitching sound of the valiant anthem, honoring the heroes of battles and conquerors of the northern expanses. The instrumental bridge in the middle of the composition enchants with a chime of an acoustic guitar, obscure chorales in the background and orchestral additions of an epic musical image.
The mysterious breath of ancient legends and a mysterious chime continues with a bewitching symphony, ending with an impressive Viking dance after the battle, returning to the acoustic chime of strings in instrumental bridges and preserving the Darkness During The Reign Of A Black Sun main motive given by the introduction.
Rolling in waves of a harsh mid-tempo march Spirit Of Valor intertwines in its sound a harsh military march and a majestic anthem that honors the heroes of battles. Blood On A Crow's Beak completes the album, starting with the unity of the surf with a bewitching symphonic saga, continuing with a powerful mid-tempo epic narrative combining power and melody in a single impressive musical artwork.