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Many tales are sometimes transformed

September 14, 2019
Holy Tide - Aquila

The sophisticated and inspirational instrumental symphony Creation (The Divine Design) begins the Holy Tide - Aquila album, raising the majestic instrumental variations to the top and leaving wordless chorales in the background. Then the chime of the keyboards and the restrained drive of the guitar riffs appeals to the ascension of the Exodus vocals experiences.
Viscous guitar rhythms are crowned with epic musical passages, but retaining viscousness, it captivates with the progressive artistic epic mystery of the Chains of Enoch composition. Severe greatness pumps the waves of restrained drive, anticipating the introduction of vocals solo bass guitar. Then the vocals go to the front edge of the Godincidence musical image. The solo bass of the guitar is inspired by an epic symphony of intro, then bewitching melodies envelop the vocal phrases. The instrumental part is fascinating with the wind instruments solo. The bass guitars solo is enchanting with an epic symphony of Curse and Ecstasy intro, then bewitching melodies envelop the vocal phrases. The instrumental part is fascinated by solo wind instruments.
The symphonic charm of the Eagle Eye introduction ends with a furious drive that supports the epic essence of the musical narrative. The Crack of Dawn departs from the position of a musical thriller, marching on the brink between a harsh mid-tempo march and a bewitching romantic ballad. But Lord of the Armies shifts musical accents towards a harsh warlike mid-tempo march.
The gloomy grandeur of the introduction sets the direction for the development of the Sunk into the Ground main motive, vocals phrases wraps the harsh musical passages in mystical shades. Anxious reflections of female vocals performs a worried speech in the middle of the composition. Symphonic trends end with stern guitar passages, then the emotional part combines these musical contrasts in The Age of Darkness single compositional lace.
The following are compositions in which the influence of the invited musicians is clearly noticeable - first, musical participation of unique keyboard passages in the The Shepherd's Stone (feat. Don Airey), then Lamentation (feat. Tilo Wolff) is transformed by the vocal phrases of the invited artist.
The chime of string passages in the introduction brings spicy influences of oriental motifs, a peculiar vocal pitch complements this image, emphasizing the Return from Babylon title in the chorus. The Name of Blasphemy completes the album, intertwining streams of restrained drive and swift musical passages in a single stream, shrouded in enchanting covers of exciting melody