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There were times that will remain in memories forever and ever

September 15, 2019
Smoulder - Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring

Viscous, significant and significant, the introduction of Ilian of Garathorm begins to roll out the musical canvas of the main motive, then the vocals complement its musical variations with inspired phrases of the singing Valkyrie, praising the champions at Valhalla's gates at the beginning of the Smoulder - Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring album.
The majestic inspiration of the exalted The Sword Woman anthem creates an epic canvas of musical variations, lifting the inspired vocal phrases to the top of the musical image and enveloping them with solemn musical passages and extolling the venerable valor of memorable heroes. The introduction continues the inspiration of the previous composition, however, the Bastard Steel vocals appeal for a swift drive and the music is carried away in a swift race, achieving recognition of heroic deeds and honoring heroes.
The surf and the rhythm pulsating against the background await the introduction of Voyage of the Sunchaser vocals, then the singing lady goes to the front edge of the composition, developing a musical narration and waiting for the manifestation of the main motive. Manifesting in its mid-tempo essence, music begins the development of the musical canvas with an enchanting guitar solo, then rolls musical waves after vocal phrases.
The musical narrative continues with the significant Shadowy Sisterhood anthem in which the vocal part marches at the head of the musical image, raising the banners of valor and courage over the ordinary and petty fears. Black Gods Kiss completes the album, even more condensing and condensing musical rhythm, giving the solemn anthem some shades of requiem sadness, giving a requiem to fallen heroes.