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The memory of the land is eternal and comprehensive

December 18, 2021
Skylord - Сказы Земли

Vocal fury complemented by the unity of musical drive and melodic guitars are impressively combined in the sound of the Ледовое Побоище song, starting the Skylord - Сказы Земли album with unyielding pressure and stern insistence. The Ремьство Мороза song starts with artistic variations, and then the vocals return to martial tunes and fierce persistence.
Beginning with a vivid whirlwind of folk motifs, the Триумф Победы track then crowns this vibrant musical action with vocal reflections, varying in screaming and growling vocals. The Волшебный Лес song brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, combining rapid whirls of drive with screaming and epic musings with growling vocals.
Music and vocals intertwine in a vivid and inspired Багряная Зарница round dance, which then develops into the sound of the Летнее Пламя frenetic musical thriller.
The inspired and thoughtful Осенняя Благость epic saga enchants with romanticism and contemplation into the narrative of an ancient tale foreshadowing the album's final composition Зимние Слёзы, exploding with furious musical drive wrapped in sparks of symphonic melody.