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The meaning sometimes remains elusive and inaccessible

December 12, 2020
Silence - Irrational Pull

The intriguing mystery of the High Dive In A Low Well guitars solo is complemented by mysterious vocal phrases, then alternating mystery with flashes of furious drive and harsh growling vocals. The God's Departure continues the 156/Silence - Irrational Pull album with the somber majesty of a mid-tempo march that embodies the gloom of a harsh dark anthem.
Combining melody and vocal emotion, the Taste Of Ashes continues the musical narration with the musical canvas of the epic saga. The Upset / Unfed continues the music of the album with mystical mystery of musical passages and rebellious vocal appeals. A muffled whisper of the Lost Visual vocals ends with a mid-tempo march that wraps around the vocal phrases in a sparkling guitar solo. The buzzing guitar solo of the Problem Addict intro ends with a vocal scream, then the guitars keep humming, complemented by harsh calls and bass guitar solos.
Pulsing with a drum roll, the Conflict Of Interest brings the echoes of a battle march to the sound of the album. Entering by the mid-tempo procession of the gloomy anthem, the By A Thread (I Suspend) then transforms into a progressive variation of the rhythmic structure. The title composition Irrational Pull after the intro blends into a muted debate of whispering recitations, then hardening the music and vocals in the Twilight saga. The Denouement ends the album with a mysterious ballad, combining the sad dreaminess of clean vocals with background harsh vocals.