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Dozing in the sleepy atmosphere of dreams

December 12, 2020
Oceans of Slumber - Oceans of Slumber

The romantic musical atmosphere is complemented by the lyrical sensuality of the singing lady's tunes. Then The Soundtrack to My Last Day song's sound turns in the harsh anthem with the male growling vocals. But then the romanticism of the singing lady returns to the foreground of the first composition of the Oceans of Slumber - Oceans of Slumber self-named album. The chiming of guitar strings creates a wistful atmosphere, starting the vocals again with enchanting melodies of female vocals, but then the Pray for Fire musical composition shimmers with progressive variations and vocal sensuality. The music creates the atmosphere of A Return to the Earth Below epic anthem, hammering milestones in rhythmic pulsations topped with meaningful vocal phrases.
The instrumental mystery of the Imperfect Divinity composition sets many obscure mysteries, serving as an introduction to The Adorned Fathomless Creation , exploding with the fierce severity of a gloomy musical drive, enveloping a twilight queen with the harsh phrases of a male growling, retreating before the charm of sensual melodies of female vocals, crowning the accelerated dreaming of a transforming musical race. The To the Sea (A Tolling of the Bells) mesmerizing charm of female vocals is wrapped in lace of symphonic musical covers. As if taking into the medieval vastness by the minstrel ballad , The Colors of Grace alternates and combines female vocals with clean male vocals. The I Mourn These Yellowed Leaves female vocals of the singing lady lift the banner of sparkling romance, then the male growling brings a twilight mystery.
The September (Momentaria) brooding instrumental symphony with a keyboard solo sets the opening for the album's finale, which continues with the Total Failure Apparatus fierce musical thriller, which then morphs into progressive musical mystery topped with female vocals. The Red Flower continues the album's musical narrative with an inspiration of imaginary sadness. The final point in the release is put by the group's rethinking of the Wolf Moon (Type O Negative cover) song of the legendary artist.