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Seducing the imagination with dreamy wanderings

December 12, 2020
Felo De Se - Fidelis In Se

The guitar solo of the Ursa Major intro builds up waves of dark tremor, then in anticipation of the vocals, joining with the rhythmic pulsations of harsh drive, marching rhythmic march of the first musical composition of the Felo De Se - Fidelis In Se album, enchanting with the majestic guitar solo of the chorus.
An acoustic guitar solo gives the introduction an atmosphere of romanticism, then the Fall of Ikaros musical composition begins with an epic fairy tale, then slightly accelerates the tempo and wraps around the vocal part with ribbons of sparkling guitar solos. Then the music returns to the epic tale again.
The Irreducible Truth introduction with a keyboard suite with oriental motives brings the atmosphere of Japanese legends, then the music of the verse rises into a whirlwind of impetuous drive, returning to the oriental motives in the chorus.
The romanticism of the Marwolaeth guitar solo ends with the union of drive and symphonic melody, enveloping in this majestic union, again returning to the brooding romanticism of the guitar solo in the instrumental part. The Beyond The Sadness track further enhances the sensibility of the musical sound, concentrating the melodic charm and ending the album with an instrumental ballad.