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The mad king wrath will fall

November 11, 2021
Warrior Path - The Mad King

Soft acoustic chime sets the direction for the development of the sound of the It Has Begun instrumental track, which is the beginning of the Warrior Path - The Mad King album, preparing listeners for the perception of its title track, marching into the intro with a solemn march and somewhat accelerating the pace with the introduction of vocals.
The acoustic chime of the bard strings prepares to listen to the His Wrath Will Fall song, somewhat accelerating the music in the verse but returning to the bard tales in the chorus. The Beast Of Hate immediately explodes with waves of drive, entwined with bright ribbons of guitar passages in unity with vocal inspiration. The Don't Fear The Unknown track repeats the usual alternation of the acoustic introduction for the album, but then, instead of the bard saga, a battle march appears.
The tunes of the barbarian horn create the atmosphere of the Savage Tribe fairy tale, then combining the tunes of folklore motifs with the atmosphere of epic tales and rapid musical drive. The warrior's story about the sword and his exploits anticipates the plundering of the Avenger musical ballad, raising the banners of the valiant procession to trials and battles.
Keeping the melody of the sound, the Out From The Shadows is transformed with the atmosphere of battle banners. The Neverending Fight accelerates, but sometimes again lowers the tmp in anticipation of the chorus, combining the main vocals with the sing-along brothers-in-arms. The Last Tale track completes the album's musical fairy tale.