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Frost can even burn to ashes and dust

November 11, 2021
Omnium Gatherum (FIN) - The Burning Cold

The title track of the Omnium Gatherum (FIN) - The Burning Cold album seems to be laid out into a dilogy - The Burning begins with a brooding instrumental suite, acting as an introduction to the Gods Go First composition, developing its motifs together with severe vocal rage. The Refining Fire immediately explodes with a narrow frenzy, but then complements the sound with melodic outlines, anticipating the unity of music with vocals.
Echoes of futuristic musical symphonies envelop the sound of the Rest in Your Heart composition with sparkling veils of musical charm. The Over the Battlefield after an intriguing introduction is raised by a bright whirlwind of musical drive, which is sometimes restrained by vocals exclamations. But then a romantic chime appears in the music, creating an influence on the final fragment and setting the direction for the development of musical motifs of The Fearless Entity song, enchanting with the progressive unity of melody, romance and fierce severity of the growling vocals.
Echoes of songs of wandering nomads and adventurers will embody the sound of the Be the Sky composition. The Driven by Conflict song rolls in waves of unrestrained musical thriller with elements of melodic charm. The Frontline fascinates with the sophisticated sound of a brooding ballad, continuing a similar style in the sound of the Planet Scale track, in which the instrumental introduction long and carefully prepares the vocal path, anticipating the completion of the album - the 2nd part of the dilogy of the title track Cold in a similar style.