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Grim and terrifying tales arise from shadows

November 11, 2021
Thulcandra - A Dying Wish

The melodic instalment begins the sound of the Funeral Pyre composition, then returning with melodic motifs in the bridges and choruses. The Scarred Grandeur song continues the Thulcandra - A Dying Wish album's musical narrative with a fierce musical thriller with melodic fragments and echoes.
The acoustic chime of guitar strings of the Orchard of Grievance acts as an instrumental introduction to the next fragment of the album, continuing with reflection into the introduction of the In Vain song, then a whirling whirlwind of rapid drive with fragments of emotional reflection. The Nocturnal Heresy builds a compositional model on the alternation of explosions of fierce drive and sophisticated empathy. The Slivering Silver continues such stylistic musical decisions, completing this section of the album.
Bard song In Bleak Misery as wordless introduction opens the final chapter of the album, then bursting into the furious drive of the A Shining Abyss song, in which in the instrumental part again the drive retreats before the acoustic guitar reflection. Again, the acoustic tunes of the guitar strings precede the further development of the Devouring Darkness musical image, which, using the motifs given in the introduction, hardens them, anticipating the completion of the album with the A Dying Wish title track, which follows the overall style of the album, but remains within the framework of a brooding ballad and a mid-tempo procession.