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The legend will not tolerate fuss and haste

April 30, 2018
Profane Burial - The Rosewater Park Legend

The chants of the church ministers precede the symphonic haze of The Tower Bell intro, which cause anxiety and foreboding in the conceptual saga Profane Burial - The Rosewater Park Legend, the vocals embody the expected calamities, interrupting their eerie parties with the meditative melodism of the lofty instrumental bridges.
The majestic The Stench Of Dying Roses (The Children's Song) symphony illuminates the dark twilight with its artistic coils, blasting vocal reflections with ever new and new melodic solutions, charmingly perusing many melodious ideas, leaving on the background constantly disturbing and cautious keyboard passages.
Beginning with tired confessions enveloped in mysterious fetters of enchanting symphonies, after the instrumental bridge The Soldier's Song turns into the narrative of difficult and difficult trials, in instrumental bends rolling in dark waves and vague apprehensions, in the chorus finally gaining a fusion of symphonism with the sophistication of the vocal narrative.
Gloomy, shimmering with various shades of obscure twilight, the instrumental composition A Different Awakening (A Proclamation By The Priest) rolls with waves of anxious expectations, summing up in a whisper after grim premonitions.
Orchestral motifs are combined in a remarkable symphonic composition intro, mentioning the title of the album An Interlude (Or How The Curse Of Rosewater Park Began) - describing the beginning of the action of the curse. In the gloomy fog of a melodic ballad, the symphony envelops vocal reflections with incredibly melodic passages, enchanting with magical melodies and dismissing any aspirations for violent drive.
Taking the music away from the known spaces The Letters carries the sound into the dark twilight, beginning with a confident narrative, in an average tempo confusing thoughts with a dark symphony. Then the composition is carried away on the ghost wings to the illusory limits, in which the incredible knowledge is hidden. In the instrumental bridge the composition acquires a magical symphony, even more artistically continuing its twilight race for the coveted temptations.
The album ends with The Tale The Witches Wrote composition combining symphony, melodic and epic narrative, interrupted by a fast race of vocal and instrumental moments, in the stream of impetuous drive. Only keyboards, as if renouncing an unrestrained race, create charming halls of indestructible symphony.