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They see and know all, but can not tell anything

April 29, 2018
They see and know all, but can not tell anything

As if waking from a dream Triumph Of Will melancholy melody begins album Apes With Hobbies - If Dogs Could Talk, majestically demonstrating the progressive triumph of instrumental passages Playfully dancing in obscure haze, describing incredible passages in a complex rhythm, Meanwhile, In Shoreditch... as if selected from the remnants of sleep, from time to time showing bright guitar improvisations and fabulous keyboards symphonies.
So thoughtful melody slowly envelops the legendary eternal youth realm Shangri-La, majestically and leisurely creating fantastic fabulous shades of this imaginary dream.
Like crystal bells ringing in ambient atmosphere, then Tiny Synthesizers filling this imaginary space with deep rhythmic piles around which fabulous unimaginable spirits wander, whose aspirations despise space and time.
In the incredibly complex and mysterious Triangulate narrative artistry and charm combine, progressively refracted under the influence of changeable impulses - capturing attention and captivating to monitor their impressive changes.
Artistic and unrestrained Midnight In Berlin widens the stylistic framework of the album, supplementing the sound with futuristic and electronic passages, as if sweeping away to the distant future, sweeping away forgotten motifs of ancient songs - but complementing musical image with their with shades. Singing birds and incredible tranquility envelop the atmosphere of incredible comfort, complementing the Pursued By A Bear exclamations of playing children and harboring emanating tranquility light ambience.
This supernatural calm completes the main part of the album, followed by the bonus part, started by Type Iv (Bonus) track, based on electronic motives, persistently and unrestrainedly carried away into the world of so far future.
Continuing the technogenic sound Later That Evening (Bonus) builds the main motive on pulsing electronic pulses, supplemented by sparkling rays of bright keyboard improvisations.
Distant melodies and so pensive symphony We Are Not Alone (Bonus) cast aside the troubles, nervousness and adversity, completing the album with a majestic calm, irresolutely contemplating the melting time.