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The legend of the places where demons dwells

November 18, 2018
Imperious Malevolence - Decades Of Death

Rolling in with gloomy waves from different sides of the sound Perpetuacao Da Ignorancia introduction develops into the main motive that is enveloping harsh phrases of growling vocals with the harsh melody that is rising above the rhythm section tough armor, focusing on the vocal part of the Imperious Malevolence - Decades Of Death album's first track.
At first, only dense severe growling appears in the vocal, but in the chorus it is pierced by screams of emotional screaming. A vortex of gloomy motives envelops Ascending Holocaust intro with its passages, then, after an intriguing pause, the vocals are carried away in mad zeal but stops for thought. In the bridges returns the whirlwind of the entry. Chorus vocals again weave the dominant growling with sharp screaming blades.
The pulsating motive of the Ominous Ritual composition continues the album, showing and accentuating the main motive already in the introduction and introducing new and new nuances to the narration with vocal phrases - instead of screaming, harsh style appears in the vocal part, bordering on the clean vocals. The instrumental part introduces a swift guitar solo, bringing to the sweeping drive a trend of impetuous lightness.
Beginning with a stubborn, uncompromising march, enveloping harsh vocal reflections with a dense stubborn drive of the The Hellfire's Cruelty composition, instrumental bridges complement the jerky drive, manifesting itself fully in the chorus. The instrumental part is carried away by the impetuous impetuous guitar stump, which is complemented by vocal phrases. The majestic march rolls up the gloomy waves, then the vocals complement the sound with their revelations, transforming the Nocturnal Confessor composition with its dominance and complementing the harsh growling with a jerky screaming. In the instrumental bridge these stylistics are combined.
Mystical twilight envelops guitar riffs, seeking to escape from the dark expanses, vocals slowly deliberates, giving the sound of the Where Demons Dwell songchangeable mystery.
The self titled Imperious Malevolence track's introduction sets the style of the main motive, the vocal seeks to catch up with the instrumental passages, in the instrumental bridges the music shows a jerkiness, but the vocals smooth it in the chorus with majestic reflections.
The No Return music is in swirling dances, the vocals follow the established path, then in the choruses the vocals sum up the whirlwinds with sharp phrases.
Squeezing dark expectations, the Excruciate music is carried away in a swift drive through the twilight fog, occasionally raising the key phrases by the trick of screaming and growling vocals.
The album concludes with Arquiteto Da Destruicao majestic anthem, enveloping the vocal lace of screaming and growling with proud motifs, sweeping up a swift drive with instrumental passages.