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Confessions are required to realize change

November 17, 2018
Eminem - Kamikaze

The bomb strike generates thoughts and reflections, then The Ringer song vocala throws out accumulated doubts and reflections (do not hesitate to abusive words, which is characteristic of the Eminem - Kamikaze album). The accompaniment remains an intriguing backdrop, creating an atmosphere for thought and doubt. Before the final part of the composition, the vocal explodes with an incredibly rapid wave of vocal recitative, then returns to the style of the beginning.
The impressions of those who judge the two singers in delusions of grandeur and his reaction to these charges are embodied in Greatest composition pointing out that everything in this world depends on a point of view. Especially worth highlighting the hazy reflections in a separating verses bridges.
The chime of bells anticipates the Lucky You (Feat. Joyner Lucas) introduction, as if anticipating the expectation of a holiday. But the text of the song dispels such an impression - well, Eminem does not believe in Santa Claus! Further development of the narrative during the party precedes the entry of the Spanish-speaking recitative, pulsating in a fascinating dance, as if intertwining in dance with a recitative in English. Reflections on this and past album Paul (Skit) set some distraction. Normal develops awareness of the current situation in the development of the musical component, especially focusing on the issue "Does Eminem want to be normal?" The pulsating recitative complemented by the pulsating keyboard passages completes the composition — it simply wants, but somehow it cannot. Reflections served as the introduction - Em Calls Paul (Skit) will serve in the same style as the end: Eminem calls Paul telling his thoughts about his impressions about the album.
Giving the album some romantic atmosphere Stepping Stone complements the sound emotional phrases of female vocals and answers to them of a concentrated and regretful male recitative.
The melodic keyboard break serves as the Not Alike (Feat. Royce Da 5'9") introduction, then developing into the main motive of the composition, built on the controversy of two different vocals, focusing on the phrases of the guest artist.
A sad monologue forms the Fall song's music sheet basis. but an inspiring vocal from time to time brings inspiration, imploring not to despair. The title track Kamikaze begins with playful exclamations "Fact!", Eminem's confessions, develops with memories of the development and the formation of the personality and in the choruses returns to the construction of "fact-confession" performed in the introduction.
This is followed by a part of the album, in which the invited girl gives a rather frank character to the compositions with her presence and vocal - first, in response to her reflections, obscene remarks followed, in the chorus she sings Nice Guy (Feat. Jessie Reyez), which again offers her something indecent. But then the male vocals are transformed into inspiring phrases, and the Good Guy (Feat. Jessie Reyez) revelations complements the vocals with delicate female melodies. Then the female vocals sum up the changes in the enchanting monologue.
Rolling rhythmic waves of gloomy sound, emphasizing the completion of beats with dense bass Venom (Music From The Motion Picture) completes the album with anxiety and concentration as if anticipating adversity, distress and trials.