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The heroes have to pass the trials

November 26, 2018
Dragonlord - Dominion

The creaking of the Entrance gates and chains is complemented by the noise of the weather and the wind of the approaching storm, anticipating the majestic melodic passages, serving as the introduction of the Dragonlord - Dominion album and developing into the title track's main motive. Having developed the main motive, the music wraps around with enchanting trends of keyboard delicacies and complements it with background chorals. Then the music is transformed into a romantic ballad, entwining enchanting lace around the dreamy phrases of pure vocals, but completes the song with a wave of mystical drive, sparkling with keyboard variations.
The pulsating rhythm sets the stubborn and dense sound of the Ominous Premonition intro, then the wave of mystical drive takes a swift journey through the illusory expanses, from time to time thickening the sound in the pulsing marches of the choruses.
An intriguing introduction develops into a dancing Lamia main motive, walking unpredictable on the chosen road, wrapping invisible axes with vocal phrases and weaving them with instrumental passages in a whirlwind of choruses.
The majestic Love Of The Damned ballad rolls up scrolls of chronicles with epic inspirations of legends, inspiring future exploits with memories of past prowess. In the final part, the singing lady gives a sensual aura to the completion of the composition.
Assertive drive rolls harsh wave, showing incredible readiness for any test. Next, Northlanders vocal picks up the narrative wave and in the instrumental part, a wave of mystical influences appears.
The gloomy echoes of the mystical haze intertwine with the majestic passages in epic lace of embodied legends, occasionally carried off in fast-moving verses and focusing on meaningful The Discord Of Melkor choruses.
Combining broken rebellion and fascinating melody, topped with keyboard delights and supported by background chorals Serpents Of Fire completes the album with a wave of exciting drive, the vocal seeks to catch up with the pulsating race of musical passages.