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It seems clear, but changes upon close examination

November 25, 2018
Atrox (NOR) - Monocle

A deliberate mysterious melody envelops the Mass song's intro with a mysterious haze, vocals invoke the pulsing waves of a powerful rhythm, then ordering the main motive and predetermining the style of the Atrox (NOR) - Monocle album.
Spreading the trends of fascinating grandeur and enchanting with the epic entry, the Vacuum composition gives the album the trends of medieval sagas and heroic epos.
There are notes of electronic echoes, vocals bring emotional experiences, weaving artistic musical canvas of the Heat song. Spicy deserts of the desert and eastern folklore envelop the fascinating vocal phrases in the middle part of the composition, returning to the intertwining of the drive and artistic variations in the instrumental part.
Visually and vaguely marching in obscure reflections of mysterious omens, vocal phrases are shrouded in gloomy sacraments, then weaving into an impenetrable tunnel, enveloping Finger vocal revelations with a cocoon in a bridge and raising them to the rays of the sun in the choruses.
Starting from the muffled whisper, the music of the Suicide Days song envelops vocal phrases with twilight mysteriousness, abruptly and mysteriously developing the musical narration, rising to the top of the charming melodism in the chorus.
Weaving waltz and blues music in the intro, the music before the addition of the For We Are Many composition's vocals immensely complicates and enchants the musical picture, artistically concealing vocal reflections with musical notes, giving the song shades of funk in bridges and choruses. After musical reflections and muffled vocal reflections, the composition explodes with a wave of drive in the final segment.
After insinuating electronic chimes pulsing in imaginary combinations, Movie develops this pulsation into a jerky composition, enveloping vocal experiences with covers of musical charms. Muffled reflections on the shades of love and emotion are wrapped in disco rhythms in the middle part, signs - that movie is just a movie.
Injecting ultramodern musical whirlwinds from the age of times, Target leaves a vocal part at the top of the narrative, completing the album with an exciting hit composition.