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The feathers of the eagle and a draw flesh

May 18, 2016
Avatar - Feathers & Flesh

Mysterious sad and unfortunate entry Regret opens Avatar - Feathers & Flesh (Deluxe Edition) .
Epic first notes starts House of Eternal Hunt. Well, you have to hunt a lot, quickly and accurately - that track sounds correctly for that words!
A leisurely, easy starts The Eagle Has Landed, then it gaining weight and power 'till clean vocal take its part of sound pattern. Further growls and clean vocals are changing, alternating with each other. Acoustic guitar finishes that, next her electrical sister joins!
The guitar riff begins, next joined by other instruments into the New Land. Harsh vocals perform verse, changed by clear one in chorus. After the chorus we listenin' something like fairy tale 'till the next chorus!
Mysterious mysterious voice tells about little beast opens Tooth, Beak & Claw. It continues with growl under a rock'n'roll "clap-clap". A short excerpt from the melodic clean vocals, and again the mysterious voice tells about little beast. Them again clap-clap and melodic part with the clean vocals. Clap-clap!
The rhythmic, powerful entry at the For the Swarm then changing sprightly parts of growl, clean vocals complets its phrases. It stretches for some time, and then clean vocals tells the tale of the swarm.
Fiddler's Farewell quiet peaceful ballad conjures up fiddler's thoughts to retire from the music because his fiddle is silent now.
Drums beats paces of squad One More Hill,next clean vocals joins. Further small share of growl completed by furious music. And that variations can be heard 'till the end.
Melancholic ballad Black Waters gives you a hint - where, how and why to drown your sorrows.
The dance is coming to you, saying, Night Never Ending! Well, the party does not end and will continue throughout the night until the morning. But the night never ends!
Drum solo, bas guitar joins then, guitar comes in intro of the Pray the Sun Away. Growl achieves its power and might of music grows for a bit, till clean vocals calm music down...for a bit. Such changes 'til the end of the track.
Thrilling guitar opens When the Snow Lies Red. Then growl overlays slow pace of music 'till changed by the acoustic guitar accompanies to the clean voice. After the instrumental solos we hears sad voice, changed by growl, followed by the clean voice.
Acoustic guitar starts with it's thrilling party the Raven Wine changed by slow pacing growl. Then clean vocals brings its part of music to that track. His accompaniment slow, simple and rhythmic.
The monologue begins to whisper in the Sky Burial. Acoustic guitars continues this sad ballad with the melancholy and grim atmosphere. Then orchestra joins to that burial sorrow.
It is necessary to check my pockets I've Got Something In My Front Pocket For You! So maybe there's something important, desired and useful in pockets .... Oh! They killed Kenny!
Blasted fury of Det Ar Alldeles Forsent not hurry to raise its pace, growl supported by the slow music, gainin' mid pace in the middle and in the end for a bit.