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Nothing To Forgive - When Death Arrives

May 18, 2016
Nowen - Peace With Death

Intro III leads to dreams, distant worlds and uncharted given, thrillin' instrumental intro of the Nowen - Peace With Death .
When Death Arrives average pace punctuated by fast guitar riffs, separating musical phrase with each other.
Drumsblast beat starts In Death We Shine it's exactly, without turning aside from the road trodden by the rhythm.
Guitar in entry performed how its keynote will sound further in The Lost Fire. The bridge slows compositions after the instrumental part for a growl monologue to accelerate it then.
Like a battering ram blows begins The Gracious Farewell, next furious quick part, then continued in pace tempo. In the instrumental part - acoustic guitar provides a variety of musical palette of the track.
Yearning quiet, relaxing instrumental composition, in which electric guitar does not choke the acoustic , and vice versa.
The title track starts drumming Peace With Death further clear and booming riffs accompany growl. Then, the music speeds up the pace when clean vocals comes briefly. In the instrumental middle main character receives a dreamy guitar solo. After that, clean vocals and growling complement each other, and the composition completes by the acoustic guitar solo.
Dense, powerful guitar riffs filled entry Choices with their sound. After development of the vocal piece sounds sublime dreamy guitar part, then after the bridge comes clean vocals. Well, the guitar dreams already leads to a guitar solo. After the solo, instruments accelerated after a brief vocal sounds bet another solo is much faster!
In the entry application of keys has found! Nothing To Forgive starts with the clean vocals, then keyboards used without ceasing in that track. As well as the title track, the acoustic guitar solo ends the song.