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The exiles forget the most precious thing to them

September 10, 2019
 Equilibrium - Renegades

The title track Renegades - A Lost Generation begins Equilibrium - Renegades album with the interweaving of a stern metal drive with the trends of oriental folklore.
Then, into the sound of Tornado song, bewitching mysterious mysterious growling narratives and inspired ascension of clear vocals alternate with the inspiration of a mid-tempo march. Himmel und Feuer continues the electronic influence on the metal drive, interlacing swift, full of melody, guitar passages with inspirational and bewitching phrases.
Twisted in mysterious musical variations around vocal phrases, the participation of invited musicians Path of Destiny (feat. The Butcher Sisters) beyond recognition transforms the style expected from this band. Returning to the usual melodic for the group Moonlight song still remains true to the modernist trends in the combination of metal and popular music.
Starting with mysterious chimes, Kawaakari - The Periphery of the Mind is carried away in a stream of unbridled drive in a couplet, alternating screaming and growling, bringing the severe growling of vocals to the foreground in the bridge, but then complementing the sound with a peculiar and mesmerizing clean vocals. In instrumental fragments and bridges, chimes that respond to oriental motifs returns.
Walking on the verge of a mid-tempo march and an inspired charming ballad, Johnny B complements the alternation of musical shades with appropriate vocal changes, alternating clean and growling vocals. Final Tear finally returns to the harsh expanses of metal sagas, so adored by fans of the alternations of rapid drive and inspirational ascension.
Returning to modern musical trends, Hype Train (feat. Julie Elven) crowns the completion of the choruses with the enchanting parts of the invited lady vocalist. Rise of the PhoenixHowever, the bewitching epic symphonies return to the origins of the group’s music, intertwining modern trends in the final composition with bewitching symphonies inherent in the past band's artworks.