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Only fairy tales about heroes are good in wars

September 10, 2019
 Gorefiend - Gorefiend

Thunderstorms, the echoes of machine gun bursts, explosions and battles create the backdrop for a narrative of wars that never changed. Then the Dawn of War composition reveals the musical essence, starting the Gorefiend - Gorefiend album with a viscous, full of horror musical narration. The echoes of the guitar passages fills the drum beat with a rhythmic component of anxiety, then condensing and the Bloodbath fierce musical narration with the introduction of vocals, in which the harsh dominates, which sometimes complements growling.
A bewitching musical canvas of the Belt Felt 50 Cal. Lead main motive envelops mesmerizing epic expectations, somewhat accelerating the rhythmic component with the introduction of vocals, in which growling predominates. The Reign Hellfire introduction retains a bewitching melody of sound, the vocals transform the genre essence, weaving some rapcore trends into a recitative.
The severity is dissipated by the buzzing of a guitar solo, then the introduction of vocals indicates the path of development of the musical canvas of the 9mm composition, which then transforms into a medium-tempo drive. By setting a whirlwind of the main motive into the introduction, then the vocal transforms the sound with a viscous recitative vocal, then returns to the main motive. Then the Rise and Conquer composition fuses these streams together.
The gloomy narration of the Legions of Chaos song envelops the gloomy ghosts of an obscure horror, exploding in a stream of drive in the bridges. Then, the stern march of Fall of Resistance composition continues to bypass the halls of military horror, from time to time accelerating musical passages. Guitar solos of instrumental bridges give a certain epic, confidently marching in the Scorched Earth gloomy hymn with vocal phrases. Beasts of War completes the album, weaving a painful narrative of vocal phrases, interspersed with explosions of rapid drive in instrumental bridges.