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The essence of the Promised Land has not yet been thoroughly studied

December 15, 2019
The Racer - Terra

Thoughtful reflections of vocal phrases dominate in vague conjectures of vocal times, enveloping The Greatest composition, setting the basis and basis for the development of the The Racer - Terra as somewhat conceptual album.
The vocals comes to the forefront of the musical narrative, raising the banners of epic inspiration and introducing some echoes of mystical mystery into the sound of Isolation song.
The pulsating march is intertwined with the inspiration of stringed tunes, enveloping vocals with the obscure charm of dreamy musical covers and combining in a single creative charm of the Young High composition. The bewitching ballad It's Raining Inside continues the album with bewitching charms, entwining vocal inspirations with the chime of string passages and creating a bewitching rifle of symphonic inspiration. Jupiter retains a dreamy charm, enveloping in a bewitching chime of musical passages and introducing futuristic echoes with distorted samples remaining in the background. Such a unity of eras captivates and carries away the separation of a dreamy journey.
After romantic inspiration in the Skeptic introduction, the pensive urges of the keyboard solo are combined with the progressive breaking of the rhythmic structure, creating a fascinatingly artistic musical background for vocal experiences and doubts. An inspirational and sublime siphony creates the solemn introduction of the final composition of the album Reki, enchanting with the romantic thoughts of so enchanting ballad.