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Evil magic and dark spells have their own charm

December 15, 2019
Aura (RUS) - Злая Магия

A bewitching symphony of the На Смерть Поэта introduction raises the enchanting banners of the female opera vocals, then transforming and complementing the composition with a fiercer vocal part, approaching growling and transformed by emotional tunes intertwined with opera tunes. These combinations of vocal variations set the main feature of the Aura (RUS) - Злая Магия album. Twilight inspiration and dark romance envelopes the Моя Философия vocals phrases that begin with the fierce emotions of a female growling. Then the vocals are transformed with opera tunes and complemented by an emotional narrative of a distorted recitative.
The piano solo sets the anticipation of majestic musical performance, but then the Город music transforms into a whirlwind of gloomy drive entwined with echoes of a symphonic essence. Preserving the twilight veil Ветер Души brings the charm of the melody of the main motive and the varied lyrics of vocal reflections.
Acoustic guitar strings interweave the inspired tunes of the female opera vocals, creating an enchanting symphony of the introduction of the Хозяйка Рун magnificent ballad. Starting fiercely, Война preserves the atmosphere of musical greatness and forms a kind of valiant anthem, leaving inspirational tunes of the female opera vocals in the foreground of the musical image. Walking along the main motive indicated by the inspirational tunes of the path Метель transforms the compositional sound with vocal variations and fascinates with significant musical entities.
Building a compositional transformation to the alternation of vocal variations Уходи От Этой Судьбы emphasizes the name of the composition in the chorus. Bringing the spirit of medieval minstrel ballads and bard sagas Баллада О Рыцаре, Деве И Драконе captivates with the epic echoes of fairy tales and legends and captivates with a bewitching atmosphere of epic appeals. The group again returns to its early work, transforming and enveloping its previous artworks like Дети Облачной Страны song with new variations and musical shades. Бессмертие Творца completes the album, embodying its dominant essence - the charm of the combination and diversity of the vocal part, shrouded in echoes of symphonic trends.