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The depths of darkness keeps an incredible number of secrets

May 02, 2019
Vanaheimr - From the Depths of Darkness

The gloomy haze envelops us with the mysterious mystery of the Pagan introduction, then revealing the stylistics of the Vanaheimr - From the Depths of Darkness album with an epic canvas of the main motive. In the instrumental part, keyboard passages impart a certain elevation to the musical image.
Twilight musical passages roll with harsh waves of mystical anticipations, giving the shades of a dark anthem in instrumental bridges and Cave Dweller chorus.
The musical canvas rolls in gloomy waves of the Vampyre main motive, dazzling and not evading the path set by these musical passages.
The mystical haze of the Mass Chaos intro envelops me with a mysterious fog, captivating with ghostly anticipations, but then the music takes away on the wings of a melodious drive of the verses, pulsing with a majestic march in the chorus. In the instrumental part, the mysterious tunes create an epic background, anticipating a fascinating guitar solo.
The grand melody of the guitar solo in the introduction inspires and enchants, then these passages crown the musical image of the A Call to Arms composition.
Unclear fairies chants forms the axis of the From the Depths of Darkness main motive, then vocals and harsh musical passages pump up a thrust shaft of dusk, but fairies chants returns to the final part, completing the album's title track. The sounds of love joys in the introduction of the last album's song Satan's Sister ends with a mid-tempo song, the sound of which adds to the album the trend of romanticism, bordering on the sound of a ballad.