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Legendary tales hitherto unknown

May 01, 2019
Blood Stain Child - The Legend

Beginning with futuristic tunes, then with guitar trends brings a rapid drive, anticipating a fascinating union of vocal phrases with musical trends, weaving several mezikalnyh styles and trends into the Kamui single knot, anticipating the diversity of the Blood Stain Child - The Legend album's musical palette. Continuing epic inspiration inspired by the blizzards of northern legends Silence Of Northern Hell weaves a musical lace of symphonic melody around a variety of vocal phrases.
Symphonic trends come to the forefront of the Crimson Symphony (Rage Of Blood) musical image, inspiring musical passages with enchanting trends of ancient fairy tales. Romanticism is intertwined with futuristic desires in a single lace of musical greatness, creating a fascinating mystery of the Requiem (T.O.A) romantic ballad, but the vocalы entry recreates some waves of fascinating drive.
The vocals hover around the axis of the Mystic Your Heart (Angel In The Karma) musical motive in a dispute between the grinding of the body and emotional screaming, enveloping this dispute with a charming canopy of exciting symphony.
The furious and impetuous System (B.U.R.S.T) drive pierces with an impetuous stream the haze of fascinating melodism enveloping the swift vocal reflections. Clone Life (Anti-Human) continues this impetuous festival of drive, enveloping a certain festival of rage with fascinating whirlwinds of impressive symphony, oriental motifs enveloped in certain shades of futurism. Partly continuing the drive, Final Sky (Terra) is filled with doubts and feelings, the dispute of vocal phrases complements this musical picture. Dark romance inspired by futuristic hues facilitates the sound of the Embrace Me (You Are Not Alone) composition, expanding the stylistic framework of the album with gothic shores. Rejecting the twilight of metal palaces, Truth (Psyco Society) incredibly facilitates the sound of the album, calling for new areas of fans to listen, combining the areas of popular music and synth pop.
Futuristic electronic impulses and mystical streams of ancient legends are intertwined in the Exotic-6-Cordinator (Novum) musical stream entwining a vocal part.
Even more moving away from the musical music Freedom (Ryu In The House) brings the atmosphere of industrial disco, flowing rare vocal delights with sparkling whirlwinds of futuristic melody.
Again returning to the furious, deadly dance of a metal drive, Another Dimension (Shiro Gane) creates the axis of the main motive from the guru's instructions, braiding them with sparkling melodic keyboard passages. Re-expanding the genre frames of album Forever Free sets the dominant role in the musical image of female vocals, enchanting with fascinating passages.
Weaving lace from the unity of futuristic stylistics and ancient legends created in the album Eternal Proto-Type completes the album with, perhaps, the most dense combination of the above stylistics.