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In each world you can find a suitable symbiont

May 04, 2019
Mysterya (UKR) - Symbiont

Rolling out a sheet of the Живи Всерьез charming symphony, the Mysterya (UKR) - Symbiont album begins, leading the vocal to the forefront of musical narration, extolling the significance of the lyrics in the chorus.
Leaving the vocal narrative in the dominant role of the Луна song, the musical trends are inspired by twilight romanticism.
Symphony and classical music inspires Мечта vocal phrases on the wings of majestic classic passages, but then the music complements its passages with some pillars of drive.
The narrative of the Незнайомець song, full of pensive thoughts, indicates that much more is hidden behind appearance, that it is impossible to apprehend at once, but it is necessary to look at and perceive more attentively and much longer. Lyrics replaces Russian by Ukrainian.
An energetic drive of the It's Real track with English lyrics energizes and inspires the interweaving of guitar and keyboard passages.
The epic narrative За Всех returns to the trends of classical music, which embodies the fascinating anthem in the enchanting symphonism. Continuing the segment of the Russian-language lyrics Цена Свободы as if continues the previous composition, introducing some of the motifs of ancient Rome and Greece. Starting with a fascinating lace of vocal delights, shrouded in background keyboard passages, the Гимн composition brings up a magnificent narration with epic charm and fascinating symphonic revelations.
The title track Симбioнт combines a pulsating, stubborn march with emotional vocal phrases and begins the alternation of Ukrainian and Russian lyrics in the lyrics. Already at the very beginning, the Этот мир main motive arises aspiration to understand the essence of the world, to know its features and to understand all possibilities and features as clearly as possible.
Lullaby Колискова envelops with incredible tenderness, captivating with vocal phrases and appeasing any adversity, doubts and dispelling anxieties and concerns. Vocal phrases write a magnificent musical picture, giving Творение composition a charming atmosphere, completing the alternation of lyric languages and the main part of the album with a bright symphonic sophistication of the instrumental part.
In the bonus part of the album, the group gives honor to the legends, weaving a fascinating combination of a rough, hard drive of the Engel (Rammstein cover - Bonus) original and charming velvet of soft female vocals.