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The dark lord confidently controls his power

March 23, 2020
Angel Siniestro - VII

The organ suite Intro weaves a bewitching lace of a majestic symphony, preceding the continuation of the Angel Siniestro - VII album with a fierce musical thriller of the Condena Infernal composition. It should be noted incredibly effective, emotional and fierce vocals - more rigid and harsh than expected from this musical style.
After an introductory symphonic grandeur of music, the music whirls a whirlwind of guitar solo, captivating the Guerrero Inmortal vocals into the rapid stream of musical drive. Maldito Reino de Dios boosts an even denser and tougher musical sound, wrapping the final vocal cry at the end of the beat around the guitar whirls, wrapping the sound of vocal phrases around the solo spirals. But in the middle of the composition, the lady's musings and guitar solos add a twist to romanticism.
The Angel de Sodoma vocals unexpectedly transform into worried confessions, softening the rigidity of previous vocal phrases. A heavy drive with the hints of a battle march stubbornly marches along the line between swiftness and average pace, returning to the En la Batalla vocals the anticipated stiffness that brings the harsh closer to growling. In the final fragment, the song steps over the line towards the swiftness of musical rhythm. But the viscous notes of guitar solo complete the composition with variations of guitar artistry. Dolor embodies rebellious aspirations, captivating with vocal rage the musical vortexes of warlike drive.
Music envelops in the mysterious twilight of ancient legends, first Agonia is following the furious angry pressure of the vocals, but weaving the mysterious haze of the instrumental part, dissecting it with the sparkling blade of a guitar solo. Self-titled track Angel Siniestro completes the album with a dense pressure of musical fury, combining them in spirals with vocal indignation.