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Adepts of darkness awaiting the new coming

March 24, 2020
Black Horns - Second Coming

The unclear mystery of distant mystical rites and mysterious prayers sets the mood for the introduction of the Black Horns - Second Coming concept album, which has dense, stubbornly and severely pounding the milestones of a medium-tempo musical path of the title track's main motive, crowned with a sparkling twilight of vocal experiences.
The dense musical canvas of Breathe song is shrouded in obscurity, wrapping around the twilight echoes of ancient legends and forgotten tales, piercing this lace with an angry vocal narrative. The vocals come to the forefront of the Satan's Whore musical narrative, musical variations complete the vocal appeal with tight musical sparks of mesmerizing melody, pulsating with the harsh echoes of proud hymns in instrumental bridges. The final part of the composition accelerates the pace and sets the stream of restrained musical drive. Black Haze continues the melodic structure of the previous composition, but gives a certain solemnity to the musical narration, marching with the proud confidence of a majestic march.
Weaving the mystery of epic tales with the inspired tenacity of heavy blues, Worship combines these musical trends together in a medium-tempo pulsation of the main motive of the song. Til Death Do Us Part develops these stylistic features, completing the album with fierce vocal phrases woven in a romantic dance with viscous and tough whirlwinds of musical passages.