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The effects of certain drugs are often imperceptible

March 23, 2020
Aktor - Placebo

Wrapping vocal phrases with vortices of the main motive Bad Mirror sounds so playfully, life-giving and inspiring, the Aktor - Placebo album begins with a breath of lightness and originality. Then Washed Away vocal part introduces shades of reflection and doubt, pulsating with a musical heartbeat in the bridge, preceding the chorus, in which the vocals dispel sadness and doubt.
Crowning the mid-tempo musical narration with cosmic shades of keyboard parts, the sound of Save You From Me song captivates with artistry. Astronaut embodies the experience of multiple space travels in a romantic ballad, starting with an acoustic guitar saga, then transforming into an enchanting musical lace of guitar and keyboard passages, braiding vocal phrases and accelerating the tempo in the instrumental part to a fast high-speed sound.
But after an impressive adventure, You and Me continues with a thoughtful ballad, transferring sensual feelings and romantic doubts to the vastness, sometimes changing the rhythm pattern with accelerated fragments. Keeping the same style of keyboard notes The Ghost of Time connects ancient tales and futuristic echoes of the distant future with an invisible tunnel.
Restrained drive raises vocal thoughts to the top of the Get Me Outta Here musical waves, crowned with sparkling charm and artistry of keyboard passages. Wrapping up the mesmerizing majesty of keyboard notes, the Seeing Rocks in the Sky composition marches along the line separating the romantic ballad and the mid-tempo march. Clean Machine closes the album with the embodiment of the vertics inherent in its sound - the unity of musical artistry with the inspiration of vocal phrases crowned with the artistry of keyboard variations.