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The curse and terror of the burning lands

July 16, 2021
Scythelord - Earth Boiling Dystopia

The Sky Is Falling sublime instrumental symphony in the unity of the epic charm and the essays of electronic musical motifs is the introduction of the Scythelord - Earth Boiling Dystopia album that continues the progressive combination of muscle variations with vocal rage into the sound of the Wireframe composition. The whirlwind of the Equanimity intro's guitars solo marks further musical passengeros sparkling spiral musical vortices tunnel. But in the chorus, the mid-tempo significance of the vocals speeches is ascended to the top of the musical image.
The artistry of musical thoughtfulness gossip the Rod Of Asclepius song's lace of progressive musical charm, anticipating the alert drive crowned by vocal rage. But then the vocals are combined with the musical atmosphere of epic saga in the progressive charm of the fascinating dance with romantic musical mystery. The Comedy In Blood song continues the musical narration with the stronger drive of thrash metal music, creating the sound of a fierce musical thriller. The Just A Memory composition continues the stylistics predetermined by the previous track, bringing a more emotional atmosphere to the vocal part.
The harsh The Other instrumental saga acts as entry to the Earth Boiling Dystopia title composition, combining and combining the milititivity of the powerful mid-tempo and dense tight march with the omnutic charm of the Bardian poems. The Scorched Utopia completes the album with majestic instrumental meditations, crowned with fascinating and impressive melodism of the guitar solo.