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Prayers seeking the blessing of the God

July 17, 2021
Maryann Cotton, 2020 -  Hallelujah

An inspirational spiritual atmosphere of the title composition of the Maryann Cotton - Hallelujah album combines a leisurely ballad and spiritual entity in the melodic charm sound. But the energy and desire for energetic rest and rampant entertainment creates a contrast with spiritual inspiration into the sound of the Night in California song.
Love inspiration combined with vocal emotion in sound artistic emotion, crowning keyboards passages. But the instrumental part of the I'm Your Saint composition introduces a note of symphonism into its musical canvas. Twilight mysteriousness of the White Pearl ballad develops symphonic elements of keyboard batches, bringing elements of mystical mysteriousness into a musical image.
Romantically and thoughtfully, the sound of the Those Things to Come song, together with ballads, brings the elements of country style into the sound of the album. The Eternal Love composition envelops us with lace of covers of charming romanticism, starting with a sensual vocal monologue, supplemented at first only by keyboards notes. But then the background vocals with its own patience supports the sound, expanding musical lace.
Keeping the romantic atmosphere of the Take Me Home (Delilah) song complements it by the essays of a restrained drive, confidently marching the chosen musical path, expanding the stylistic framework of the vocal party. The My Own Way composition completes the album with melodic charm of inspirational and exciting ballad.