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August 20, 2017
Crashdeath - Conspiracy Theories

The conceptual album Crashdeath - Conspiracy Theories calls into question the randomness of all political actions, hidden maneuvers, covert agreements and mutual obliga categorically exclude the participation of anyone else. These alliances, without a doubt, create regularities - invisible and unclear, but very tangible for the present mankind and future generations.
Soft, calm and melodic acoustic guitar solo hints - you need Kept a Secret all the upcoming arrangements. Strictly, without options!
The guitar riff, which dominates the introduction and the main motive Evil Is Hard to See is fascinating, enthralling and concentrating. With the introduction of the vocal, the gloomy, disturbing atmosphere of the vague future events envelops the impenetrable fog.
Frontline stands in this darkness, trying not to avoid dangers - an actionable and severe drive of sound creates the foundation for a melodic guitar solo.
Doubtful twilight burdens, it is necessary to pierce this darkness with the ray of knowledge, see Look Through the Chaos. But darkness and darkness do not recede, they only change their outlines and the contours of ghosts in the dark mock at all living things, swiftly circling in dark haze.
Verse Fly Away continues to rush among these doubts, fictitious hopes. The bridge before the chorus turns music into a thoughtful ballad, reflecting on all the fates in the surrounding reality.
The attempt to isolate itself from obscure doubts, ghostly conflicts and all sorts of meanness, erecting an encouraging melodic introduction The Wall failed - the anger of vague doubts penetrates through the barriers, only accelerating and increasing the tempo of their intrigues. But the pensive, melodic experiences of the guitar passage again precede the final part.
The chime of coins poured into the thirsty abyss begins For the Love of Greed , thoughtfully and legibly wrapped around this topic in wise reflections.
The fascinating sound of the instrumental composition Your Speech captures attention, attracts more and more supporters - engineers of human souls will receive new material for their experiences. In the end, it hardens the musical image, anticipating the next song with a hard drive.
Still in the Dark after such preparation completes the album with the most rapid and furious flow of indignation and rebellion against the established system.