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I will summon the swarm of undead servants!

August 21, 2017
Psy:Code - Morke

The modern, furious and unrestrained metalcore in Psy:Code - Morke album suddenly turns to medieval fairy tales, foggy and mysterious motives.
Mysterious, impenetrable gloom noble land in mind to prevent farmers, peasants and other ordinary people using these fine, noble forests becomes the residence of the undead, vampires and ghouls. Leech tells about this in a romantic dusk, combining in the vocal stories clean and harsh vocals.
Persistently, uncontested Ghost of You continues the narrative of gloomy romance, music and vocals renders proper portion of romantic lyrics.
The romanticism of brilliant, charming ballad Loosen the Tight captures into imaginary spaces, enveloping the tentacles of dreams, restraining the will with good hopes.
After a bright, inspirational and sensual ballad, Riven, that sound as tough ballad and throbbing, explosive andante Iskolde Ojne (Cold Dead Eyes) are transferred to the center of a fierce battle, supplementing powerful waves of unshakable drive with symphonic keyboards passages and emotional explosions of vocal frenzy.
The bites of the undead, the charms of necromancers and wicked witches did not go unanswered - now you are Paralyzed, after a gloomy beginning, with a muffled whisper, a dreamy clean vocal sounds against the background of a soft, calm ballad.
Mysterious, mystical sacramental melodies of the ancient sagas intertwines in The Sky Is Broken and Introspective, that adds drive to tale, with pensive vocals, that sometimes exploding with demonic growling.
Mountains and The Monument continues the mood of the previous composition, accompanying the ancient legends with insistence of exposition and wrapping them with a sparkling wrap of wonderful melodies.
Tough sound of In the Sound I Dwell intro becomes as harsh, severe - but gracefull dream of romantical ballad. The introduction of the vocals calls for a wave of drive in the verse, sweeping away the whole melodic whirlwind in the chorus. But lyrical romantic returns in the instrumental part untill the next stream of rage....and that repeats again and again.
Introduction Stay Disappeared restores strength and energy to an atmosphere reminiscent of entertainment in the lounge bar, completing the vocals with a storm of emotional shades, severely, but restrainedly preparing for sound of The Strain, completing the album calmly but intriguingly.